UN125 Saw Blade Welding Machine

1 Function:Automatic
2Brand :RFX Machinery
3Modle :UN125
4Made in China
5Warranty: 1 Year
6Packing: Wooden box


What is UN125 Saw Blade Butt Flash Welding Machine

Touch welding is also called flash butt welding, which is the best saw blade welding technology at present. Because this welding process is the melting and bonding of saw blade itself.The biggest advantages are robust welding, high compressive strength of the joint, small heating deformation area and easy repair.

Features: no need to add any auxiliary flux when welding the saw blade, the welding time is short, power is saved, and the saw blade can be welded together with only a few seconds , with low cost, simple operation and higher quality than traditional silver welding and oxygen welding

Product Specification

ModleUN125 UN150
Primary voltage 380v 380v
Rated voltage 100kva 50kva
Rated input electric current 100A 82A
Primary no load electric current <20A <10A
secondary no load electric current 3.7-7.04V 3.7-7.04V
secondary electric current adjust88
width of saw blade 125mm 150mm
max electric current load rate 60mm50mm


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