Band Resaw MJ329

Max log cutting diameter:650mm
Rotating speed:750r/min
Motor power:18.5kw
Brand :RFX  Sawmill
Made in China

MJ329 650mm Log Sawmill Electric Large Vertical Band Resaw Machine

What is a band resaw?

Band saw is one of the important equipment among woodworker machineries ,which is designed to behave straight line sawing against wood log with band saw blade ,it consists of machine seat ,machine truck upper &lower saw flywheel ,saw clip ,saw blade tightening device etc, this machine is good for it reasonable structure ,reliable property ,smooth operation ,easy control ,high efficiency ect ,also it applies to a lot fields .Assisted by working table , it is suitable for sawing of square timber or log with similar plane, it is possible to process wood board or leftover material, thus increasing utilization ratio of wood material ;if the board cutting machine is fixed on the working table ,this machine is  suitable to cut wood board ,which is not more than 600mm width(thicker than 20mm)along it is medium line .if it is partnered with woodworker carriage  ,it will be able to saw long log with bigger diameter ,it especially suits in lumber mill & individual process ,use of it will certifies this machine ideal for wood processing & wood goods productionn

RFX band saw in single cut, double-cut or tanderm configuration precision and drawing rectitude are great even with high sawing speed 

Product Specification

Technical parameterMJ329
Saw wheel diameter900mm
Rotating speed 750r/min
Width of saw blade 125mm
Length of saw blade 6400mm
Max log cutting diameter650mm
Electric power18.5kw
Overall size1160*900*2040mm
Technical parameterMJ329Z
Saw wheel diameter900mm
Rotating speed 750r/min
Width of saw blade 125mm
Saw guide elevating motor0.55kw
saw wheel elevating motor1.1kw
Length of saw blade 6400mm
Max log cutting diameter650mm
Motor power18.5kw
Overall size1160*900*2100mm
Technical parameterMJ329T
Saw wheel diameter900mm
Rotating speed 750r/min
Width of saw blade 125mm
Length of saw blade 6400mm
Max log cutting diameter650mm
Motor power18.5kw
operating platform size 630*550mm
Overall size1160*900*2040mm

Structure and working principle of band saw

1The function of the machine frame is to support the upper and lower saw flywheels, saw flywheel lifting device, band saw blade guide device and other components, which is composed of the frame and the base. The MJ329 band resaw machine is fixed on the base by bolts, and the base is installed on the concrete foundation by foundation bolts. In order to reduce the vibration of band saw and improve the cutting quality, the volume of the frame is generally designed to be larger and the weight is heavier, so as to increase the contact area between the frame and the foundation and reduce the center of gravity of the machine, so the machining precision is very high.

band resaw structure
  • 1 Upper flywheel  
  • 2 oiling cup  
  • 3 Machine frame  
  • 4 Machine seat
  • 5 Saw clip
  • 6 Hand wheel for upper saw flywheel up and down) 
  • 7 Emergency brake system
  • 8 Platform assembly
  • 9 Manual scraper
  • 10 Oil cup 
  • 11 Oil of worm wheel and worm
  • 12 Oil of lead screw & nut

2.1Upper band sawing wheel

upper saw wheel is driven flywheel, the lifting device of the upper saw flywheel is used for replacing and adjusting the tightness of the band saw blade, so as to ensure the stability of the tension of the band saw blade in operation
The upper saw flywheel is generally composed of steel rim, cast wheel hub and several spokes in the middle. This structure is lighter than the lower saw flywheel, and it is easy to start or brake; when the cutting resistance changes, it can avoid the breaking phenomenon of sawing.

2.2Bottom sawing wheel

The lower saw wheel is the driving wheel, usually steel casting; the weight is larger, 3 times of the upper saw wheel. Foreign countries also have upper and lower saw wheels made of the same weight.
The upper saw wheel has three functions of light weight
(1) Reduce the center of gravity of band saw and make it stable;
(2) Slow down the impact caused by the change of cutting resistance to ensure the smooth cutting process;
(3) Reduce the load of saw wheel bearing
The technical requirements for the lower saw wheel are relatively high. The lower saw wheel shall be annealed to eliminate the internal stress in the casting; the flange must be precision machined and statically balanced.

The width of the saw blade shall be suitable for the width of the wheel surface of the saw wheel and shall not exceed the width of the wheel surface

The saw blade shall be clamped in the middle of the saw clip. The bottom of the saw tooth shall be in a straight line with the outer edge of the saw clip. The saw blade shall not be clamped too tightly. It shall be able to slide in the middle of the saw clip. There shall be a gap on both sides. The gap on each side is about 0.04 ~ 0.08mm. The back of the saw blade is about 0.8mm away from the pulley. If the saw blade has contacted the pulley when it is idling, that is to say, the saw blade is back, or the pulley is front, or the saw blade tension disappears, the upper saw wheel or pulley shall be adjusted, or the saw blade shall be removed and then inspected, rolled and trimmed.

MJ329 vertical band saw with working table

NO1 Table size:700*900mm

NO2 Table size :630*550mm

NO3 Table size:550*480mm

How to choose woodworking band saw

Band saw is widely used in wood industry, and there are many kinds of machines.
according to the technological process, it can be divided into: large band saw,  band resaw and wood serrulate band saw
base on the position of the saw wheel: vertical band saw , horizontal band saw and slanted band sawmill , vertical band saw machine is divided into:  left version and right version;
the installation method of band saw: fixing and moving;
the combination quantity: ordinary band saw, twin and multi band saw, etc.

Preparation before operation

1Woodworking machinery must be operated by experienced worker, and new employees must be trained before taking up their posts
2Check whether the power wiring is correct and the insulation of all electrical components is good
3Check whether the saw blade is installed correctly, whether the saw blade is normal or cracks, whether the screws are tightened well, and whether there are wood or tools that affect the operation on the working table (When the crack on the tooth side of the saw blade exceeds one sixth of the width of the saw blade, or the crack at the joint exceeds one eighth of the width of the saw blade shall not be used, when two consecutive missing teeth or more than three joints shall not be used)
4Check whether the operation environment is bright
5Operators should be tight in clothes, waist and sleeves
6The operator should know the rotation direction of the saw blade
7Before operation, it is required to run in empty machine. After the rotating speed is normal, it is required to run in idle for 1-3 minutes. After confirming that there is no abnormality, then cutting log lumber


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