MF1115 Automatic Saw Blade Sharping Machine

1 Function:Automatic
2Brand :RFX Machinery
3Modle :MF1115
4Function :For Sawmill
5Warranty: 1 Year
6Packing: Wooden box


What is Saw Blade Sharping Machine

After the saw blade has been used for a period of time, the saw teeth will become blunt. If it continues to be used, the cutting efficiency will become low, and the quality of the saw blade will become poor; the second is easy to damage the saw teeth, and even worse, the saw blade will be pulled. Therefore, the sawtooth should be sharped in time to ensure the cutting efficiency and product quality. RFX machine has been researched and improved continuously for many years to manufacture the automatic saw blade tooth grinder, which is a special equipment specially for grinding the saw tooth shape, with high speed and good quality. The machine tool has small volume, light weight, simple and convenient operation. It is suitable for large-scale forest farm, wood sawing factory, MF1115 is an indispensable equipment for grinding the tooth shape of saw blade

Product Specification

Max width of saw blade   150mm
Grinding speed 45 teeth-65teeth /min
Rotating speed of grinding wheel1800-2328r/min
Grinding wheel Dia. 250mm
Motor power 1.1KW
Overall size 1200*800*900
Overall weight 255kg


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