MF4020 Stellite Saw Blade Side Sharpening Machine

1 Function:Automatic
2Brand :RFX Machinery
3Modle :MF4020
4Made in China
5Warranty: 1 Year
6Packing: Wooden box

What is MF4020 Saw Blade Side Sharpening Machine

MF4020 Stellite Saw Blade Side Sharpening Machine,It is mainly used for grinding of alloy saw blade. The alloy teeth on the welded alloy saw blade shall be polished and leveled according to the specified angle to ensure the specified sawing width,MF4020 Stellite Saw Blade Side Sharpening Machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient adjustment, high efficiency and high degree of automation, and is a good helper for making and repairing saws

Product Specification

Stellite blade kerf1.8-3mm
Range of saw blade width 90-250mm
Power of blade teeth pushing motor0.55kw
Power frequency50hz
Transformer primary voltage380v
Range of saw blade pitch20-32mm
Grinding motor power 0.37kw
Cup type grinding wheel dia 100mm
Grinding wheel rotating speed2800m
Overall size2270*1330*1120mm

Safety Technical Operating Regulations

(1) Operators must be familiar with the product specifications, general function and structure of the machine. Over-performance is strictly forbidden. Operators must be trained to be qualified before working.
(2) Make sure to put on the work clothes (tight , tight waist, tight sleeves), safety shoes during working. Thread gloves is now allowed to operate the machine.
(3) Before start-up, check the parts and mechanisms of the machine are in good condition. Make sure the grounding wire is well connected, refuel the relevant parts according to the instructions, and check whether the protective device and the pressing device are good.
(4) Check and clean the operating handle and saw blade constant head tank.
(5) Switch on the power supply. Check that the rotation direction of the rotating shaft is in accordance with the direction specified by the arrow, and check whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the components.
(6) Check to make sure the saw blade is well installed according to the instruction book, and the saw blade is in good condition.
(7) Process with the material according to the instruction.During the operation, the operator’s hand shall not touch the rotating parts. During the adjustment, the grinding degree must be ensured to prevent excessive grinding
(8) The power supply must be cut off before adjusting the machine.
(9) In the process of operation, if there is an abnormal crisis, the “stop” button can be pressed to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.
(10)The operator cannot leave during processing.
(11)When the work is finished, shut down and cut off the power supply.
(12)When the machine stops, the operator must wait till the machine stops completely before leaving.
(13) Lubricate the shaft regularly as required.
(14) Regularly check and adjust the chain tightness.


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