why sawmill band saw blade teeth is not sharp

First it is difficult to saw and pushing is toilsome ,there will be floss like wood scrap ;and then the board will curve like wave ,figure ,the thin saw blade should be ceased when it goes in curved direction,but in the same condition ,the thick blade can continue working only when decrease sawing speeding of wood log ,sometimes a small piece on the material is grubbed out,thus forming a small concave ,when sawing the wood of freeze free period ,due to the different hardness of the wood surface,the wood will come off along the grains ,the sawn board becomes arc.grease of greasy .wood will try to stick on the saw blade and giving queer sound .sometimes the saw blade can not resist the pushing force from wood,the blade will retreat a bit towards the back of saw wheel ,when this wood is saw ,the blade will come to original position

The teeth edge is not sharp ,it seams there is luster on it ,even seriously the edge will be burnt

Sometimes some or even each teeth have broken bottom

Some conditions ,the teeth are not sharp due to the wrong grinding ,but in most conditions,the teeth are worn during working and get blunt,the latter condition is divided into normal and abnormal wearing.the normal wearing is that the suitable blade is selected for working a certain period and get worn quickly,abnormal wearing includes some cause ;the tip angle of teeth is too small .or the sand wheel too hard or grinding speed too fast ,or the saw works on wood which contains such sand granule or to saw the hardwood or frozen wood or tropical wood,or due to the bad quality of saw blade

If the teeth are not sharp ,it is suggested to grind again ,the teeth that get worn after some times of working should be sharpen if the tooth setting of saw blade is too small ,please remake it before grinding ,the blunt saw teeth should be dealt with different methods according to it is cause the tip angle and larynx angle should suit to the character of wood and be regulated accordingly.the suitable grinding sand wheel should be sawn contains much sand granule ,please wash it before sawing ,to saw the hard wood or wood from tropical area ,it is suitable to increase saw teeth hardness with some suitable methods or use small teeth saw blade ,if the curve condition still emerges after eliminating all above causes ,please check the carriage vehicle rails if the both rails horizontal and parallel


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