Elimination of malfunctions of band saw

Elimination of malfunctions of band saw ;

any malfunctions of band saw will have reflections on saw blade or wood log ,it takes place during the sawing period giving some queer noise ,these kinds of malfunction can be detected visually or audibly or be tested through measures ,according to the test result cause of malfunction can be sought then eliminated

First priority before repairing saw blade is to check whether the saw blade broken or bended ,next coming the consideration of better sawing ability IE whether it is energy saving and giving polished surface or not ,especial attention should be paid on whether the saw blade broken or not ,because it affects the production and thus it is the primary problem to be considered

The crack of saw blade is caused by many reasons ,one is the quality of blade, the other is use of it ,quality of blade :in the manufacturing of blade ,the blade cracks due to the unsuitable heat process or it still not cracked but contains very tense remaining force inside the saw blade .other causes are very high or uneven hardness of blade ,uneven thickness of saw blade

The use of saw blade :the hardness of saw blade is not adequate to carry out the sawing ,e.g. when sawing big diameter and hard or difficult wood ,the very narrow blade is selected (normally Refers to the blade with width of only 2/3 of its original width )or the outspread of saw teeth is different ,or the height of saw teeth is different

The sawing speed is still quiet fast.teeth crook semi-diameter is less than 0.15 times of teeth pitch (normally the teeth tip angle should be β= 45° ,back angle of teeth is a=20° front angle of teeth is b = 25° teeth pitch t=28mm ,teeth crook semi-diameter R=0.15t teeth height is 1/3t ) the bottom of teeth is not smooth;rounding degree is too much ;normally the rounding value should be 0.42-0.59mm

The rounding moves of forward too much ;the front tension area is too narrow ;the rounding is uneven along the saw blade direction ,the curve is too small (normal the curvatre value should be 0.35-0.5mm within a blade with length of 900mm)

Bended and uneven back of saw blade will leads to crack of saw back .the connecting part of saw blade is not well connected ,or too thick connect or connect without due process ,the teeth of saw is not sharp .up going saw blade is too tight , and blade feeding is to fast

Very violent operation ,and missed deceleration in big knob of wood ,and the carriage vehicle did not tightly catch the wood ,or the wood rools during sawing process ,or the saw blade falls across sand granule nails ect  ,if the sawing process continues ,saw blade will crack


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