MR417 Saw Blade Tension Machine

1 Function:Automatic
2Brand :RFX Machinery
3Modle :MR417
4Function :For Sawmill
5Warranty: 1 Year
6Packing: Wooden box

What is the quality of saw blade related to

the saw blade quality is related to the saw blade material, the performance of band saw and the operation level of technician have a great relationship, they also have a great relationship with the quality of saw blade dressing equipment and rolling technology, especially with the performance of roller press.

Why the saw blade needs rolling

After trimming, the saw blade can operate normally on the saw machine, cut smoothly without accidents, and increase the timber output rate

What is MR417 Saw blade tension machine

The machine is mainly used for rolling band saw blade flatness to adjust the tension between the saw blade and the saw wheel, so that the saw blade can be firmly attached to the saw wheel when sawing wood, and there is no channeling and running phenomenon. It is characterized by reasonable structure, small volume, flexible, reliable work, convenient operation It is a necessary auxiliary machine of band saw for all kinds of wood processing enterprises. The product is guaranteed for one year

Notes for roller band saw blade

The basic rolling requirements of saw blade shall be determined according to the specification of saw blade, the size of saw teeth and the density of timber.

Product Specification

Tensioner Wheel Dia70mm
Tensioner wheel roating speed 52r/min
Motor Power 0.75kw
Motor roating speed 1440r/min
Range of saw blade thickness<1.5mm
Max pressure value60kgf/m2
Operating speed 0.183m/s
Max saw blade length 160mm
Overall size740*440*580mm


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