MF4311 saw blade teeth setter machine

1 Function:Automatic
2Brand :RFX Machinery
3Modle :MF4311
4Made in China
5Warranty: 1 Year
6Packing: Wooden box



What is Saw Blade Teeth Squeezer Machine

RFX  Automatic Saw blade teeth squeeze machine is for trimming saw blade. The saw tooth can work normally and improve the efficiency of material output after saw blade teeth setter machine. Therefore, this machine is one of the indispensable machines in the wood industry.

Product Description

It is made of tested high-quality steel and is assembled with 53 spare parts through fine processing,Its structure design is reasonable, operation is simple, transmission precision is high, the mechanism action fully meets the working requirements of the saw blade setter machine, and it can upgrade the traditional manual to automatic action, which can not only save the labor cost, but also improve the production efficiency and meet the modern use requirements

Mf4311x is a very popular saw blade trimming machine. It has the advantages of low noise, simple operation, low power consumption, and is suitable for large-scale forest farms and sawmills. If you are looking for a professional woodworking machinery manufacturer, please contact us immediately. Ruifuxiang machinery is a leading brand in woodworking machinery manufacturing

What is Saw Kerf (saw line)

After the saw blade has a cutting edge, the width of the SAW seam on the workpiece is greater than the thickness of the back of the saw blade, so as to prevent “clamping saw” and overheating of the saw blade, reduce the wear of the saw blade, improve the service life of the saw blade, and make the saw machine play a greater efficiency

Product Specification

Thickness of blade teeth tip0.8-1.5mm (Thickness range of saw blade)
Width of blade teeth tip 80-180mm (Range of saw balde width)
Range of Pitch25-40mm
Dia of teeth setter axle standard 11mm ,optional 9.5mm-7mm
Motor power0.75KW
Operating speed 24-45 teeth/Min
Overall size 1100*600*700mm


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